3 Tips To Help You Avoid Distracted Driving

Staying alert and aware of everything on the road ahead is no easy task! Between other drivers cutting you off in traffic, potholes and road work, and harsh weather conditions, there is any number of things that can distract you while you’re in the driver’s seat! Because there are so many distractions on the road, part of being a responsible driver is limiting any distractions that are in your control. So here are some tips to limit the most persistent distractions you may face so that you can be a better, more attentive driver!

Make Sure Your Phone Is Put Away

Your phone acts as one of the biggest distractions and hazards while you’re behind the wheel. Texting and driving is one of the leading causes of auto accidents and collisions among drivers of all ages, so do your part to keep yourself and others safe by saving any messages for when you’re safely at your destination!

And texting isn’t the only dangerous activity you can do with your phone while driving. Social media can be just as hazardous and will get you pulled over just the same. So it’s always best to have the phone put away and your notifications turned off when you’re in the driver’s seat so that you can be alert when you’re taking on the road.

If You’re Sleepy, Go Ahead and Pull Over

If you’re exhausted and sleepy in the driver’s seat, you’re simply not alert enough to be a good defensive driver, and you’re more prone to distraction. Limit your chances of nodding off behind the wheel and go ahead and pull over if you feel you’re too tired to be driving.

Avoiding Eating While You’re Behind The Wheel

When you’re trying to sneak a few bites of your breakfast in while you’re stuck in a traffic jam, or eating your lunch at a red light, you’re not giving your full attention to the road. This can cause serious trouble, as it can be nearly as distracting as texting while driving. So try and eat before you hit the road, or wait until you’re at your destination to dig into your next meal.

Staying safe on the road can be a huge challenge, so help yourself out by limiting your distractions while you’re behind the wheel so you can be an attentive and alert driver!

Photo by A_Melnyk from getty images via Canva Pro

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