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Problems with your auto AC, heater, and cooling system can be uncomfortable, but worse, they can sideline your vehicle entirely. SpringMasters Auto can help.

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How Does Your Car’s Air Conditioning Work?

Your car’s air conditioning system consists of a variety of different parts and components that all work together to keep the passenger cabin cool. The main parts include:

  • Refrigerant
  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Evaporator
  • Receiver
  • Expansion Valve

The compressor adds pressure to the refrigerant, which liquifies it. That pressurized liquid refrigerant makes its way to the condenser, where it meets up with outside air that has been filtered. This helps the refrigerant to cool even further, where it heads to the receiver. That’s the part that removes excess moisture from the air, which is part of what “conditions” the air. 

Another filter traps more debris, and the liquid refrigerant moves to the expansion valve, which causes it to turn into a mist. A blower pushes air through the mist, creating cold air that gets funneled into the passenger compartment.

It’s all too easy for something to go wrong somewhere in that process, which is why SpringMasters Auto is here to help with all your auto AC repair needs.

What’s Wrong if Your Car’s Heater Stops Working?

Your car’s heater is just as complicated as the air conditioner is. There is the thermostat, the heater core, hoses, and even coolant to worry about. 

You might think that coolant has nothing to do with your car’s heater, but it’s crucial. Hot coolant moves through the heater core where the heat is drawn off the coolant into outside air and then blown into the passenger compartment. That now-cool coolant is then able to filter back through the engine and keep cooling it down. Not enough coolant? Your heater might stop working.

The heater core itself is essential, too. If there are leaks in hoses leading to or from the heater core or within the heater core itself, those need to be repaired. Likewise, thermostats that aren’t functioning are a big problem. You’ll need a trusted mechanic to investigate for you and handle your heater repair.

Your Car’s Cooling System Is Vital

If you’ve noticed, both your car’s air conditioner and heater are connected to the cooling system. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your cooling system flushed and filled, it might be time to do that so you can avoid a costly cooling system repair. SpringMasters Auto in Stickney, IL can handle that and lots of other repairs for you.

Auto AC Repair Near Me

Problems with your car’s air conditioner, heater, or cooling system are exactly what we do at SpringMasters Auto. Give us a call and we can get them working perfectly again for you. We are conveniently located in Chicago IL and Stickney in Cook County, IL, and servicing the surrounding areas in Lyons, Berwyn, and Cicero.


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