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Electrical repair issues are some of the most confusing problems to encounter in modern vehicles. SpringMasters Auto can handle these issues, though.

How Does Your Car’s Computer Work?

computerised engine analysis

Modern cars have onboard computers that sometimes communicate in incomprehensible ways to the owner of the car. All those dashboard lights are connected to the car’s computer, and electrical signals from the onboard computer indicate where there’s a problem in the vehicle.

When one of those dashboard lights comes on, you might need some help in deciphering what’s happening. Computerized Engine Analysis/Diagnostics translate the error code from your car’s computer into plain English. That lets the experts at SpringMasters Auto in Stickney, IL know where to go to fix the problem.

Is the Check Engine Light Automatically Bad News?

The check engine light might be the most feared dashboard light out there. Most car owners believe that it’s a sign of a really expensive repair around the corner, and that’s partially true. If you don’t get the situation checked as soon as possible, you might indeed be in need of an engine repair. 

Here’s what might be happening:

  • Your oxygen sensor has failed.
  • The catalytic converter isn’t working properly.
  • You’ve got spark plug issues.
  • The mass airflow sensor has failed.
  • The car has a vacuum leak.
  • Your gas cap is loose.

As you can see from the list, that one little check engine light covers everything from serious issues that can leave your car immobilized to really simple solutions. It takes a specialist to know the difference, and you can find that specialized assistance at SpringMasters Auto.

Five Signs You Need a New Battery

Your battery gives your car the juice it needs to get started. Once the engine is running, the alternator takes it from there. But car batteries don’t last forever, so how can you tell you need a new one?

  1. Your car’s battery light or check engine light comes on.
  2. The battery case itself is swollen or cracked.
  3. Battery fluid is low, in the case of older styles of batteries, or the battery is leaking fluid.
  4. Your battery is over three years old.
  5. Your car’s accessories either don’t work or work intermittently.

Any time you have trouble starting your car, it could be the battery or there could be another issue. We’re always happy to investigate the issue for you at SpringMasters Auto.

Electrical Repair Near Me

Diagnosing electrical repair issues is not always easy to do. It takes dedication and knowledge to be able to get to the root of the problem, and SpringMaster Auto in Stickney, IL has the tools and the expertise you need. We are conveniently located in Chicago IL and Stickney in Cook County IL, and servicing the surrounding areas in Lyons, Berwyn, and Cicero.


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