Why Is Driving on Empty a Bad Habit You Need to Break?

If you’ve ever waited to get gas you probably didn’t think it was such a big deal. Turns out, it can be harder on your car than you think. SpringMasters Auto Repair wants to help you to rethink this bad habit.

You Can’t Always Trust the Gas Gauge

It’s perfectly normal to think that you can fully trust your car’s gas gauge. But they’re not always accurate. And if you’re in the habit of relying on that gauge to keep you from running out of gas, that’s going to lead to problems eventually.

You Can Starve the Engine 

As gas in the tank gets lower, it’s harder for the fuel pump to get the right amount of gas into the fuel lines. And there could be sediment mixing in with the gas, which complicates things further. Ultimately, the engine might end up starved for the fuel it needs in order to run, which means bad gas mileage and eventually engine damage.

The Fuel Pump Can Overheat

Believe it or not, gas around the fuel pump helps the pump to run at a lower temperature. That’s really important because it’s constantly running when the engine is on, and it can get pretty hot. If it overheats too badly or too often, the fuel pump can fail and that means that you have to replace it.

You Might Clog the Fuel Injectors

Remember that sediment that lurks in your car’s gas tank? If it gets through the fuel filter and into the fuel injectors it can clog them up. That means that the injectors won’t work at all. Even if fuel gets to them, they can’t spray it into the engine. 

You’re Costing Yourself Time and Money

Something else to consider is that by keeping your gas levels too low, you’re ultimately spending more on gas when you do put some in the tank. You’re also risking spending time stuck on the side of the road waiting for roadside assistance or some other form of help. And when you factor in repair bills, that’s even worse.

It’s not too late to adopt some better habits. And if you’re concerned that you might have some issues related to running your car low on fuel too often, give us a call at SpringMasters Auto Repair in Stickney, IL. We’ll be happy to check your car out thoroughly for you and make sure all is well.

Photo by jphoto from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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