Why Won’t Your Key Fob Work?

It’s not unusual for car owners to rely heavily on their key fob for everything involving operating the car. But what is going on when your key fob suddenly stops working? SpringMasters Auto Repair has some suggestions about what might be causing problems with your car’s key fob.

There’s Interference with the Fob’s Signal

Your key fob sends wireless signals to a receiver in the car, so if there’s interference that blocks that signal the fob can’t communicate with the receiver. Sometimes this happens because you’re too far away from the car when you try to use the fob. There can also be other issues that create a disconnect between the fob and the receiver.

The Fob Has a Dead Battery

Your key fob battery won’t last forever. It’s likely to last for a really long time, years even, but eventually that battery is going to die. When it does, you might not get much of a warning at all. Suddenly the key fob will just stop working and you’ll need to replace it in order to get functionality back.

The Fob Is Broken

There are also situations that can break or disable the key fob. Just dropping the key fob is not usually enough to cause it to break, but the right situation can do it. Some other times to consider whether the fob may be broken could be when you have had the fob in water, particularly if it’s soaked in a pool of water somehow.

The Car’s Battery Isn’t Working

Another big reason your key fob can stop working is that the car’s battery has died. Like when the key fob’s battery dies, this can be a surprise for you. You may think that the problem is with the fob because you’re not seeing any response at all. But the car’s battery is what powers the receiver, and if there’s no power to that receiver then the fob could be sending all the signals and still get no response. 

There may be other issues contributing to your key fob issues, too. SpringMasters Auto Repair in Stickney, IL is happy to help you to troubleshoot whatever is going on. Give us a call today and we can set up a time for you to bring your car and key fob to us. We’ll diagnose the issue and let you know what your key fob needs in order to get back to working perfectly for you.


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