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Welcome to SpringMasters Auto Repair, we are proud to offer full-service quality preventive automobile maintenance and repair in Stickney, Lyons, Berwyn, Cicero, and Chicago, IL. We offer top-quality, guaranteed service you can trust at a price you know is fair. We service and repair both domestic and foreign automobiles and are your top choice for any preventative maintenance of your car, SUV, truck, and fleet vehicles. We also provide financing options for all of our customers.

SpringMasters Auto Repair is a family-owned and operated service shop. We proudly use state-of-the-art computer diagnostic equipment to ensure your car is serviced correctly. We also take great care to maintain your manufacturer’s warranty. We use only quality replacement parts, and all of our technicians are ASE-certified.

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We will get your car back up and running
in NO TIME! We offer a 24 month/24k
warranty on all repairs.

We will get your car back up and running in NO TIME! We offer a 24 month/24k warranty on all repairs.


SpringMasters Auto Repair is the place you can trust! Brakes are one of the most important components of your vehicle. Did you know it is actually made of two different kinds of systems, known as Hydraulics and Friction Materials? Click Learn More to read about the different kinds of systems and types of brakes your vehicle may have!

Belts and Hoses

Debris, heat, and vibration can wear out the belts and hoses in your vehicle more quickly than any other part in your car. You don’t have to worry! With the help of our professional mechanics at SpringMasters Auto Repair in Stickney, Lyons, Berwyn, Cicero, and Chicago, IL, we can get your belts or hoses checked and replaced and get you back on the road as soon as possible, safe and sound!


The transmission can be the most complex and expensive to fix component of your vehicle, so it’s important to make sure you have preventative maintenance scheduled and have problems repaired as soon as possible. Bring your vehicle to SpringMasters Auto Repair in Lyons, Berwyn, and Cicero, Stickney, and Chicago, IL and meet the professional technician team you can trust!

Engine Diagnostics

Is your vehicle’s check engine light on? Bring your vehicle to our expert mechanics here at SpringMasters Auto Repair so we can translate its message and help you plan what to do. Read our page about the different types of sensory components your vehicle may have, as well as a summary of how modern control computers work by clicking Learn More!


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