Emissions Testing & Exhaust Repair

Emissions testing can sometimes be scary, because you never know when there’s going to be a bigger problem than you expect. We understand that feeling at Spring Masters Auto and we can help you through the process.

What Is Emissions Testing and Why Is it Important?

Emissions testing is a required test that examines the amount of air pollutants that your car puts out into the atmosphere. Emissions tests are different from any other type of inspection, because it specifically tests the exhaust system to make sure that emissions are within legal ranges. 

This type of testing is important because it indicates that there’s a problem in one of the many systems in your car. Your fuel system, exhaust system, or your oxygen sensor might all be affecting emissions testing results. We can test for all of these issues here at Spring Masters Auto in Chicago, IL and let you know what specifically is wrong.

Can Your Car Fail Emissions Testing?

The bad news for many car owners is that your car can actually fail emissions testing. This can be really upsetting, especially for car owners who don’t know that something is wrong with their care.

In Illinois, your car must pass the emissions test or the problem that caused the car to fail the test has to be fixed before you can drive your car and legally renew the car’s registration.

We don’t want your car to fail emissions testing and we don’t want you to have no way to safely and legally drive your car. Let us at Spring Masters Auto help you to find the problem and get it fixed.

Three Ways You Can Tell You Need Exhaust Repair

You might have more signs than you know that you might have a problem with your next emissions test. If your exhaust system is not in good working order, that’s a problem. So, what are the signs that you need an exhaust repair?

  1. Your car is a lot louder than usual. You’re hearing rumbles, hisses, and popping sounds. 
  2. Your gas mileage is getting a lot worse. This can be a gradual problem.
  3. You’re smelling gas fumes in the passenger compartment. This problem is dangerous, because you might be exposed to carbon monoxide fumes.

Don’t let your car’s exhaust system cause you bigger problems. Contact us at Spring Masters Auto in Stickney, IL and we can do a thorough inspection and get your exhaust problems solved.