Can I Skip an Oil Change?

An oil change is one of the simplest, yet most important car services. A good oil change should be quick, easy, and help your engine run smoothly. But because oil changes are a relatively small call service, many drivers put off their oil change for a few weeks, or months, or skip an oil change altogether. While skipping a trip to the mechanic for an oil change might be tempting in the moment, this not only hurts your driving experience but also put your engine at risk of failing. So don’t put off this vital car service, just stop by the trusted mechanics at SpringMasters Auto Repair for your next oil change service!

Why Your Motor Oil Is Important

The motor oil in your car is responsible for making sure your engine can run smoothly by keeping it cool and lubricated. There are a few different types of motor oil that can help your car, each offering different benefits. Full synthetic or synthetic blend motor oil offers the best engine protection, though it tends to be the most expensive. High mileage motor oil is specifically designed for vehicles that have been on the road for a while and have driven over 75,000 miles. Conventional motor is the most economical but doesn’t offer the same benefits as the pricier options.

But no matter what motor oil you choose, it’s important to keep it clean with routine oil changes so that you find yourself stuck with engine trouble.

What Happens When You Put Off an Oil Change

Ideally, you should be getting an oil change about twice a year, or about 5,000 miles. When you put off an oil change, you’re putting your engine at risk of stalling, overheating, and misfiring, all of which could mean disaster for your car. While it may seem tempting to save the hassle of a visit to the mechanic, keep in mind that an engine overhaul is far more expensive and time-consuming than a simple oil change! So stay on top of your vehicle’s needs and don’t put off your oil change!

Don’t Wait Around, Schedule Your Next Oil Change Today!

For quality oil changes and more, come see the team at SpringMasters Auto Repair today, and we’ll get you taken care of!

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