Don’t Forget To Get Your Brakes Checked

Is it hard to remember the last time you serviced your brakes? Do you hear a squealing noise when you stop? Do you find it challenging to come to a complete stop effectively? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time for you to bring your vehicle into SpringMasters Auto Repair in Stickney & Chicago IL for a brake inspection and service. If you are looking for an auto repair shop in your local area that is the expert on brake repair and service, then look no further. SpringMasters Auto Repair in Stickney & Chicago IL, is your go-to for brake services.

Brake Service

When it comes to keeping you and your loved ones safe while driving, the brakes are the star of the show. Don’t be that parent that is late to the soccer game because they rear-ended a Toyota Prius that thinks they saw a squirrel. Get your brakes serviced at SpringMasters Auto Repair in Stickney & Chicago IL. A typical brake service starts with an inspection of your brakes to determine what needs to be replaced. Most people believe that they can look through the vehicle’s rims and see if their brakes are good or not. That is not true, and we recommend leaving the inspection to the professionals. We will remove the tires and inspect the pads, rotors, caliper, and brake lines. We will also examine the brake fluid. This inspection will ensure we do not miss anything and we keep you safe while driving.

Some Factors That Effect Brake Life and Performance

Your brake pads have a decently long life span. The average brake pad will last anywhere from 20,000 to 65,000 miles or, on average, 40,000 miles. This range can vary since several different factors determine how long your pads will last. These factors are weather, driving habits, and the type of pads you purchase for your vehicle. If it is raining, or you drive in the snow, and your brakes are frosty, the weather will affect the performance of your brakes. If you are in stop-and-go traffic or tend to “slam on the brakes” when you drive, this will cause the pads to wear down faster than average. Finally, the type of pads you buy will determine longevity. It is the same concept as the type of motor oil you choose. If you go with ceramic brake pads, they will last longer than the standard semi-metallic brake pads.

Get Your Brakes Checked

If you hear weird noises, have not gotten them checked in a while, or have trouble stopping, bring your vehicle into SpringMasters Auto Repair in Stickney & Chicago IL for a brake repair today. Give us a call or set an appointment online.

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