Five Signs You’ve Got a Broken Axle in Your Vehicle’s Suspension

It might seem hard to believe, but you can break an axle and still drive your car in some cases. If the axle is just cracked, you may still be able to get your vehicle moving, although it may be harder to do so. You might find yourself pressing down on the accelerator yet the response is unbelievably slow. SpringMasters Auto Repair explains that this is one sign of a broken suspension. Here are five other ones.

1. Vibration

Your vehicle can vibrate for any number of reasons, but one of those reasons is a cracked or broken axle. If you notice that your vehicle wobbles when you step on the accelerator and as it picks up speed, chances are there’s something seriously wrong with the suspension and that problem is the axle. A lesser issue could be your wheel balance.

2. Clunking

You may hear a clunk or clatter when the axle breaks, or you may hear it clunking after it has broken. Your vehicle’s transmission is connected to the driveshaft which is connected to the axles. As the transmission transfers power to the driveshaft, it tries to get your wheels spinning. If the axle is broken, it’s unable to do that and you may hear clunking or clattering.

No Movement

If the alignment damage is bad enough, your car will not be able to move. This is because nothing can get the wheels turning no matter how much power you try to generate by gunning the accelerator. If an axle is broken at a universal joint, you won’t get any vehicle movement at all.

Misaligned Wheels

If you suspect that you have a broken axle, park your automobile in a safe place and look underneath the body. If you can see that the axle is bent or broken, or if your wheels are visibly misaligned, chances are what you suspect happened has happened. It’s important to call for a tow truck at this point rather than attempt to drive your car.

Brake Misalignment

Finally, your brakes will be misaligned, as well. Because the wheels are misaligned, the brake pads can no longer press against the rotors effectively. Everything will be off-center. This can get dangerous because the broken axle can make it very difficult to stop your automobile. It’s bad enough that your axle is broken; don’t get into an accident, as well.

We’d be happy to inspect your vehicle’s suspension here at SpringMasters Auto Repair to make certain that you do not have a broken axle. We work hard to make sure we are the best auto repair shop in Chicago, IL, and also in Stickney, IL.

Photo by quantam40 from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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