Four Reasons You Might Be Hearing Engine Knocking

Engine knocking is not something any car owner wants to hear, especially if it’s happening all the time. This is one of those car issues that might seem small, but it can lead to big issues down the line. This information from SpringMasters Auto Repair can help you to understand what’s going on.

Incorrect or Spoiled Fuel

Lots of car owners don’t know that fuel can go bad. It’s true, and if the fuel is somehow spoiled or contaminated, that’s going to make for engine trouble that you’ll hear initially as knocks and pings. It’s also important to note that when your car’s manufacturer recommends a specific octane level of fuel, that’s truly necessary. Choosing a lower octane level on a consistent basis is going to lead to sounds coming from the engine and eventually it leads to engine damage.

Problems with the Fuel System

The fuel system itself can also be a source of extra noise in the engine. If there’s something wrong anywhere along the fuel system, that can affect the quality of the fuel your engine receives and also the quantity. Problems with the fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel injectors, and more can all create big havoc that you hear as engine noise.

Spark Issues

Spark timing and whether there is any spark at all in the engine are both crucial for keeping the engine running. But they can also affect whether you end up hearing engine knocks when you shouldn’t. Even spark plug wiring can be part of the problem. The key is figuring out which part of the spark process isn’t working properly.

Failing Knock Sensors

And believe it or not, even if you can hear every single engine knock, your car’s ECM, or engine control module, might not have that same information. That’s because there are small sensors, called knock sensors, that are designed to detect engine knocks and let the ECM know about them. With that information, the ECM is able to adjust some variables and hopefully correct those engine knocks. No data, no changes, and that ends up leading to more engine knocking and potentially to engine damage.

Need to diagnose your car’s engine knocking? Give us a call today at SpringMasters Auto Repair in Stickney, IL. We can diagnose the issue for you and let you know exactly what your car needs to get back on the road again safely and quickly.


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