How Did I Knock My Wheels Out of Alignment?

Wheel alignment is more important than you think. Wheel alignment makes sure that your tires are on the road as squarely as possible so the tire tread wears down evenly and you maintain control of your automobile. You might wonder how you have knocked your wheels out of alignment. SpringMasters Auto Repair lists the common causes below.

Hit a Curb

Many people hit curbs as they go around corners or while they are parallel parking, and this can knock your wheels out of alignment very easily. When you connect with the curb, you push the wheels that make contact with the cement in the opposite direction and this affects how well they are aligned.

Flew Over a Large Bump

Another problem is flying over large bumps. You may not see the bumps in the road, or you may not care. Either way, it’s important to slow down when you are driving over road hazards such as bumps. Failing to do so can knock your wheels out of alignment and damage your tires and suspension.

Drove Too Fast Over Speed Bumps

The same is true with speed bumps. These are installed on roads and in parking lots to control the speed of traffic. The maximum speed you should drive over a speed bump is five miles per hour. Going slower is the better game plan, as this protects your wheel alignment, tires, and suspension.

Sped Through a Pothole

Potholes are incredibly dangerous to your tires and your wheel balance and alignment. These road hazards can cause so much damage, they can actually blow out a tire or break an axle if you drive through them too fast. Go through potholes very slowly to protect your vehicle’s suspension.

Got Into an Accident

Even minor automobile accidents can knock your wheels out of alignment, so if you have been in a fender-bender recently, let us check your wheels to make sure they are not misaligned. Major accidents will definitely knock your wheels out of alignment.

Ignored Your Wheel Maintenance

Finally, ignoring the importance of wheel maintenance will make the wheels misalign over time. Your tires should be rotated every 6,000 miles, and the wheels should be rebalanced at that time. Wheel alignments are generally done every two years and when you get a new set of tires.

Located in Chicago, IL, with another auto shop in Stickney, IL, you can count on SpringMasters Auto Repair to handle your vehicle’s wheel maintenance. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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