Seven Signs My Car Has a Faulty Mass Airflow Sensor

The mass airflow sensor is also called the MAF sensor. You will find this sensor located directly behind the engine’s air filter. This sensor keeps track of how much air flows into your engine. It takes this data and sends it to the engine control module, your vehicle’s main computer. Spring Masters Auto Repair advises that you may never have to replace your this sensor if you take care of your automobile. It can go faulty, however. Here are signs that your car has a faulty MAF sensor.

1. Acceleration Troubles

If the faulty MAF sensor is sending the wrong data to the engine control module, it may increase the air in the combustion chamber unnecessarily. When this happens, you end up with a lean fuel mixture in the chamber that is nonresponsive when you press down on the accelerator.

2. Black Engine Exhaust

The malfunctioning sensor can also cause the engine control module to increase the fuel in the combustion chamber unnecessarily. Consequently, you may end up with black exhaust flowing out of your tailpipe as the engine burns away the excess fuel.

3. Check Engine Light Warning

Generally, the sensor will send an error code to the engine control module when it malfunctions. The engine control module cannot correct the problem itself, and, as such, it will turn on the check engine light to alert you of trouble.

4. Engine Performance Issues

The fuel mixture in the combustion chamber directly affects how well your engine performs. If it is air-heavy, your engine will sputter at high speeds. If the mixture is fuel-heavy, your engine will pick up speed unexpectedly in spurts. This is called engine surging.

5. Hard Starts/Stalling

The malfunctioning MAF sensor may also make it difficult to start your automobile. Again, if it is sending incorrect readings to the engine control module, you may not have enough air or fuel in the combustion chamber to get your automobile started. This can also make your engine stall.

6. Reduced Fuel Economy

Indirectly, the mass airflow sensor affects your fuel economy. If it is causing the engine to run inefficiently because it is malfunctioning, you will notice a reduction in your vehicle’s gas mileage.

7. Rough Engine Idle

Finally, as you can imagine, the imbalance in the combustion chamber can also make your engine idle roughly. You will hear the engine cut in and out and feel your vehicle vibrate when you are sitting at an idle. Call Spring Masters Auto Repair in Stickney, IL today if you are experiencing any of the problems listed above. We’d be happy to test your MAF sensor and replacement if necessary.

Photo by lerson8910 from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

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