Signs My Car’s Exhaust System Is Bad

A combustion engine creates exhaust, and your automobile has a combustion engine. This exhaust is routed out of the combustion chamber and exits through the tailpipe. It’s important that exhaust be removed from the combustion chamber so that new air and fuel can be burned. SpringMasters Auto Repair explains that your exhaust system can either become clogged or leak. Here are signs that your vehicle has exhaust problems.

1. Noise

Engine noise is controlled by the exhaust system; specifically, by the muffler. The exhaust manifold gasket also helps control engine noise. If either of these parts become damaged or spring leaks, you will have an overly noisy engine that everyone can hear.

Acceleration/Power Issues

If your exhaust system is clogged, you will notice a decrease in your vehicle’s acceleration and power. This decrease can also happen if the exhaust system is leaking. As we said above, your vehicle needs the exhaust removed from the combustion chamber so it can burn fresh air and fuel. If this isn’t happening, you will notice significant power loss in the engine.

Burning Smells

You may also notice burning smells coming from your engine bay, especially if the exhaust manifold is leaking. If you smell rotten eggs, it’s possible that the catalytic converter, which is part of your vehicle’s exhaust system, is clogged or malfunctioning. If your exhaust system has a leak, this, too, will make your engine smell hot as well as possibly overheat it.

Hanging Tailpipe

You can see this exhaust system problem. If your tailpipe is hanging, it’s important to get it reset or replaced right away. It’s a good idea to inspect your tailpipe regularly to make sure that it doesn’t have any holes or pits in it either.

Gas Odor Inside

If your exhaust system is clogged, you may end up with gasoline odors inside your automobile. As you know, this is dangerous because you could be inhaling carbon monoxide. It’s important to have any gas odors investigated right away to make sure that your vehicle isn’t leaking gasoline.

Reduced Fuel Economy

Finally, if the exhaust is not exiting the combustion chamber effectively, you may experience a reduction in fuel economy. The exhaust is just part of one of the many systems that work in tandem to make sure your automobile runs efficiently. Problems with the exhaust can affect your gas mileage.

SpringMasters Auto Repair in Chicago and Stickney, IL, would be happy to inspect your automobile’s exhaust system to ensure it is a-okay. Call the shop closest to you for an appointment.

Photo by thibault_a from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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