Signs My Drivetrain Is Going Bad

To avoid drivetrain problems, bring your vehicle to our shop every 15,000 miles so we can check the fluid and filter. Generally, filter and fluid replacements are required at around 70,000 miles to 100,000 miles. If you are having any of the problems listed below, these are signs that the drivetrain is going bad. Do not worry. We can repair the drivetrain if necessary.

Intense Vibration

If you can feel the underside of your car, truck, or utility vehicle vibrating while you are driving, this can be an indication that the drivetrain bushings need to be replaced. This is also an indication of a problem with the universal joint, which is also called the U-joint. Bring your vehicle to our shop at the first sign of strange vibrations. The sooner we fix the problem the better.

Strange Noises

A sign that your drivetrain is overdue for a fluid change and lubrication is squeaking noises coming from underneath your automobile. If you hear clunking noises, especially when you are going over bumps, you may need to have a new U-joint installed in the drivetrain. As an aside, these clunking noises can also be a sign that you have a broken suspension spring.

In addition to the above, problems with the drivetrain can also make rattling or scraping noises. Usually, this means that the drivetrain needs to be serviced. It needs to be lubricated. In severe cases, the rattling or scraping can be a sign that the drivetrain is worn out and it needs to be replaced. Again, bring your vehicle to our shop at the first strange noise to avoid additional damage.

Acceleration Shuddering

Finally, your drivetrain needs attention if your automobile shudders when you press down on the accelerator. Sometimes, this motion will be accompanied by one or more of the strange sounds discussed above. The vibration when you accelerate can be an indication that the U-joints are loose. This can also be an indication that the center bearings in the drivetrain have gone bad.

We are a full-service auto shop with certified and experienced technicians. We can take care of your vehicle from roof to tires, including the drivetrain. If you are having any of the problems listed above, give us a call to schedule a service visit for your car, truck, or utility vehicle. We will inspect the drivetrain and provide a detailed estimate of the services or repairs that are required.

Photo by welcomia via Canva Pro

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