What Does Engine Oil Do for Your Car?

It helps as a car owner to have a better understanding of what engine oil does for your car. When you fully understand the various jobs oil does, SpringMasters Auto Repair is convinced you’ll understand why oil changes are so important, too.

Engine Oil Lubricates Engine Parts

Your car’s engine parts all have to work together in harmony in order to keep the engine running. That means that the engine needs to be lubricated properly. Oil runs through all of the various parts of the engine, making sure to reduce friction as much as possible on its travels. When oil doesn’t circulate well or is dirty or old, those parts aren’t able to move as smoothly and you might hear that as a rough idle.

Oil Keeps the Engine Clean

Having a lot of extra stuff floating around your car’s engine is a really bad idea, especially when the goal of the engine is to combust fuel. That means dirt, debris, dust, and anything else need to stay out of the engine. Also, as metal parts rub against each other, they gradually shave off microscopic pieces of metal. Oil is there to save the day, because as it circulates through the engine it collects all of that stuff and removes it from the engine. The oil filter removes as much of that gunk as possible before the car recirculates oil.

Oil Cools the Engine

One of the roles of oil is more of a surprise for car owners. Oil works to cool down the engine as it circulates. The coolant system does the majority of that work, of course, but heat is a huge problem for car engines. Having something else helping out, in this case oil, makes that task a lot easier for the coolant system and offers a sort of back up option. As oil breaks down, it’s less able to offer that cooling assistance and you might notice temperatures running hotter in the engine.

Want to make sure that your car’s engine has the best chance at a long life and that it runs perfectly? Get on a regular schedule for your oil changes. Give us a call at SpringMasters Auto Repair in Stickney, IL today. We’ll set up an appointment for you and help you to get oil changes exactly when your car needs them most. 

Photo by Norasit Kaewsai from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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