Why Are You Seeing Uneven Tread Wear?

Uneven tread wear is a huge issue for your car’s tires because it shortens their lifespan, sometimes by a lot more than you might have thought possible. SpringMasters Auto Repair wants you to be able to get all the wear you can out of your tires, so we have these tips for what might be causing your tires issues.

Suspension Problems

If your car’s suspension system is failing, that can cause your car’s tires to wear unevenly. The problem could be anywhere in the suspension system, which covers a lot of parts. It’s best to have the suspension inspected, especially if you’re noticing issues with how your car is handling. Solving the problem sooner rather than later is important for not only your tires but the rest of the suspension.

Wheels Are Misaligned

Misaligned wheels are a much bigger problem than most car owners realize. When your wheels are misaligned, that means that they don’t point the wheels, and therefore the tires, in the proper direction. Because of that, the tire meets the road unevenly and the tread doesn’t wear evenly. Wheel alignments resolve this issue, but they’re often ignored as a service that’s inconvenient or unnecessary.

Wheels Are Out of Balance

Unbalanced wheels are another potential way that your tires end up wearing unevenly. In the case of unbalanced wheels, what’s happening is that the wheel is heavier on one side than on the others. Because of that, the wheel spins at a different speed than it should, and the tire isn’t able to meet the road evenly. Again, you end up with uneven tread wear.

Tires Are Improperly Inflated

You might think that tire inflation doesn’t really matter that much, but it does. If your tires are over- or under-inflated, that affects which parts of the tire come in contact with the pavement. There are several ways for you to get around this problem. The first involves making sure you know what the recommended tire pressure is for your car. Next, you should be taking a few minutes at least every couple of weeks to double check the pressure in all four of your tires, as well as the spare if you have one. 

You shouldn’t have to get new tires way before they’re truly necessary. Call us today at SpringMasters Auto Repair in Stickney, IL if you want to see whether your tires need replacing. We’ll inspect them for you and help you to determine what happens next.

Photo by Kameleon007 from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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