Why Do My Brakes Smell Hot All the Time?

If your brakes smell hot all the time, they are overheating. We cannot overstate the importance of pulling over and calling for a tow truck. When the brake system gets too hot, the brake pads and rotors are unable to produce friction. This prevents you from being able to stop your automobile. Overheating brakes are a sign that your brake system is long overdue for service. Here are other signs.

Warning Lights

If you end up with an illuminated ABS or Brake light on the dashboard, your vehicle is trying to tell you something. These lights will turn on briefly when you first start your automobile, and the Brake light will turn on when you set the parking brake. This is the only time these lights should be on.

Noisy Brakes

Your brakes will squeal when they are overheating. They will also squeal if you need new brake pads. If the brake pads have worn out completely, your brakes will scrape or grind. It will be hard to ignore any of these noises because you will hear the noise every time that you use the brakes.

Wobbling Vehicle

Your brake system can make your vehicle wobble if there is a problem with the rotors or the calipers. You may also feel wobbling in the steering wheel and brake pedal. Generally, the rotors need to be tended to every 60,000 miles. You need new brake calipers every 75,000 miles.

Leaking Fluid

If your brake system has not been serviced for quite some time, it may start to leak fluid out of the brake hoses. If you are driving an older automobile, the master cylinder may fail. When this happens, it, too, can leak brake fluid. Make sure to have a brake fluid leak repaired right away.

Soft/Hard Pedal

You may also notice changes in how the brake pedal feels underneath your foot. If the pedal is soft and sinks to the floorboard, the master cylinder may have gone bad or you may have air in the brake lines. If the pedal is difficult to press down, you may have a faulty brake booster or sludge in the brake lines.

Finally, if your vehicle pulls to the side as it slips down and stops, one of the calipers has gotten stuck. We can replace the faulty caliper if you bring your vehicle to our shop. If you are having difficulties controlling or stopping the automobile, call for a tow truck.

Photo by SaevichMikalai from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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